Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"Perziarahan" by Antonius Danang Bramasti, SJ

Painting Exhibition
by Antonius Danang Bramasti, SJ

Friday, August 7-2009 at 7 pm

Officiated by:
Landung Simatupang

August 8 to 22, 2009
Open daily except holidays from 10 am to 5 pm

Friday, August 21-2009 at 7 pm

Donny Danardono (lecturer at Soegijapranata Catholic University of Semarang)
Rony C. Kristanto (a priest and lecturer at STT Abdiel of Ungaran)


Antonius Bramasti Danang, SJ is a Catholic priest. Now he is the parish Girisonta, Ungaran, since November 2008. He was inaugurated as a priest on 26 July 2007 and then served in the parish Bongsari, Semarang.

For him, painting is a kind of religiousity traveling, a faith. Often he was painting in the time being meditating. The practice of painting is done with the left hand. For this exhibition, Romo Danang, so he is called by people, re-paints a number of his earlier paintings. This time he was painting with the right hand, and in oil based paint.

There are some new works specifically prepared for the first time exhibition. Feature exhibition "Perziarahan" can be defined as travel notes as shepherds of God faith. He felt God has chosed him as a Jesuit's painter and a Jesuit priest who is also a painter.

The exhibitions and discussions are open to the public and no admission free.


puthut said...

kampung jambe itu daerah mana ya mas?
saya kok kurang paham,hehehe

Tubagus P. Svarajati said...

Masuk dari Jalan Dr Cipto (seberang jalan IKIP PGRI). Kampung Jambe itu tembus ke MT Haryono, dekat SD Karangturi.

Selamat datang!

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